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Amazon, Inc. is an American electronic commerce corporation with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It is the biggest Internet-based corporation in the USA. started as an online bookstore, but soon diversified, selling DVDs, VHSs, CDs, video and MP3 downloads/streaming, software, video games, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewellery. The corporation also produces consumer electronics notably, Amazon Kindle e-book readers, Kindle Fire tablets, Fire TV and Fire Phone and is a major provider of cloud computing services. Amazon has separate retail websites for USA, United Kingdom & Ireland, France, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Australia, Brazil, Japan, China, India and Mexico. Amazon also offers international shipping to certain other countries for some of its products. In 2011, it had professed an intention to launch its websites in Poland, and Sweden.

What to Expect When Interviewing

Employment applications for Amazon may be given in person at Amazon or via email. There is a screening system that gauges math and language abilities as well as personality traits, to ensure that you'll be a good fit at Amazon. After the application is delivered there is normally a 1-4 week wait before the first interview. The majority of applicants receive a phone interview prior to an in-person interview. Applicants usually report that the personal interview process is fast to moderate in duration depending on the position at Amazon. Questions included how to cope with stressful situations and comfort in helping customers. All new employees are required to take a mandatory training course. There also may be a drug screening.